Welcome to the #TrueBruinsDen - LHS Library

Image of Librarian Sherri Alston

Sherri Alston - Librarian

Image of Librarian Destiny Cumbee

Destiny Cumbee - Librarian

Image of Library Assistant Jessica Terry

Jessica Terry - Library Assistant and Chromebook Coordinator

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  • help YOU develop a love of reading.

  • support the school curriculum by providing and maintaining a balanced collection of print and digital library resources.

  • teach you digital citizenship, online safety, and citation skills. 

  • empower you to become critical seekers of information.

  • provide you with authentic learning and social experiences that accommodate a range of learning styles and abilities and promote respect for diverse social and cultural perspectives.

Library Hours & Procedures

  • We open at 8:15am (no pass needed).  

  • Once the initial bell rings at 8:35am, you will need to bring a signed teacher’s pass with you to the library.  

  • The library is open during lunch (no pass needed). 

  • INSTRUCTIONAL TIME: If you would like to come to the library during class, please bring a signed teacher’s pass with you. Teachers may send a total of two students at a time with a pass.

  • INSTRUCTIONAL TIME: Upon entering the library, you will SIGN IN at the SIGN IN STATION at the circulation desk.

  • You are welcome to bring water/water bottles into the library.  You will need to eat all meals/snacks in the courtyard or cafeteria.

  • For your safety and convenience, hand sanitizer is provided (sign in station shelf).

  • You are welcome to sit on the left and right sides of the library. The back of the library is reserved for teachers' meetings and research classes.  

Rip, Roarin, and Ready to Read

You are welcome to check out two books at a time for a period of three (3) weeks.  

To check out library resources, you will need to provide us with your lunch number.

Remember to RENEW, RENEW, RENEW!  Once you have signed into our Destiny Discover digital catalog, you may renew your books online!

Please visit our Destiny Discover online catalog. 

Click this link to view the DD tutorial. 

Please visit our basic Destiny Catalog interface. 

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