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Angela Vaughan

LCSD Director of State & Federal Accountability


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Sherlyn Mora Reyes

Lancaster High School Title I Parent Liaison


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Lancaster High School is classified as a Title 1 school because our school's population has 77% free or reduced lunch. A Title 1 school is a school receiving federal funds for students to assist in meeting the students’ educational goals.  

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Summary of District-Wide Title I Plan

For the 2023-2024  school year, our district allocated 89% of the district’s federal Title I allocation directly to the schools.

  •  Students in eleven public schools in our district receive the benefits of these funds.

  •  The distribution of Title I funds to a school is based upon the number of students in the school who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

  •  Resources are distributed to schools where needs are the greatest and in amounts sufficient to make a difference in the improvement of instruction. 

The portion of Title I funds not allocated to schools are expended on district-wide Title I activities 

  • to assist in improving the instructional program in all Title I schools and

  •  to ensure that the schools and the district continue to be in compliance with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) regulations.

District-Wide Title I Expenditures for 2023-2024 

The ESSA legislation includes provisions for all children to meet the state’s proficient and advanced levels of student academic achievement by the end of the school year. To assist in reaching this goal, the activities listed below are included in the District’s Title I Plan. This plan was jointly developed by members of our Title I Planning Team. 

  • Employ district Title I coordinator 

  • Employ district Title I assistant

  • Employ .33 FTE Family Services Coordinator

  • Provide stipend for district parent coordinator 

  • Provide opportunities for on-going research-based professional development with High Progress Literacy, math and early learning

  • Provide support for instructional programs in Title I schools 

  • Provide support for parents in Title I schools 

District-Wide Title I Parent Involvement Activities 

The ESSA legislation requires school districts to utilize a portion of their Title I funds to support parent involvement. The parent involvement activities listed below are included in the district’s Title I Plan. This plan was jointly developed by members of the district’s Title I Planning Team.

  • Disseminate ESSA information to parents in an understandable format 

  • Provide parent resource information to schools for the purpose of improving academic achievement and school performance 

Parent Involvement in Title I Planning 

Our district is continually monitoring the implementation of its Title I plan and welcomes input from parents regarding its current and future Title I plans. If you have any questions on the above district-wide Title I expenditures, you may contact Angela Vaughan, Director of Federal and State Accountability for Lancaster County School District, at 803-416-8812.