Medication Info

Medication Guidelines

SC state law has new requirements for students taking medicine at school.

Students will need a physician order sent to the school before any prescription medication can be given. This includes ADD and ADHD medication as well as inhalers and Epipens.

Physician order forms have been delivered to several medical offices, so they are readily available at your next visit. You may print the form from the attached link. Forms are also available from the school nurse or in the front office.

It is very important that a form is completed and brought to school on the first day of class if a student takes prescription medicine. If a student is started on a new prescription medication during the school year, please make sure his/her physician has sent a signed order to the school nurse. Medication will NOT be given without the doctor’s order.

If under exceptional circumstances a child is required to take medication during the school day and the parent cannot be at school to administer the medication, the school nurse or nurse’s designee will administer the medication in compliance with these regulations.

• All medication must be in its original container and taken to the nurse upon arrival at school.

– The container must be marked with the child’s name.

– A medication form must be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian for all

Over-the-Counter and Prescription medicine:

** for prescription medicine, the physician order form must also be signed by MD, DO, NP

– Each medication administered must have a separate permission form and cannot be combined on one form.

• The school nurse or school personnel will

– inform appropriate staff members of the medication

– keep a record of the administration of medication

– keep medication in a secure place

– return the unused portions of the medication to the parent, guardian or student unless instructed otherwise.

• The student’s parents must inform the school nurse or nurse’s designee of any changes in the child’s health and/or medication.

• The school reserves the right to refuse requests to administer medication under special circumstances.

Please click this link and print the NEW medicine dispense form (with doctor's signature).

Students with Special Health Care Needs

Many health care services can be provided for students to keep them at school so they can learn and participate with other students. Our goal is to provide information to parents and legal guardians about some of the services and programs available for addressing the health care needs of students during the school day to help students succeed in school. It is important that the necessary health care information is shared with the appropriate people – such as teachers on duty during break, bus drivers and cafeteria employees – to make sure the students’ needs are met.

Individual Health Care Plans or Individual Health Plans (IHP)

Students with special health care needs — chronic health conditions requiring treatments, procedures, medications and/or monitoring – must have IHPs performed by school personnel. Students with inhalers and epipens must also have IHPs.