Lancaster High School 1 to 1 Learning Initiative

Lancaster High School provided a Lenovo Chromebook computer and protective sleeve (FREE) for each student's exclusive use throughout the school year. The same chromebook will be re-issued to a student each year they are in attendance at Lancaster High School.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks resemble traditional laptops with a clam shell lid and keyboard. However, Chromebooks are designed to be used with a G Suite Apps for Education (GAFE) account, utilize Chrome OS operating system and do not use traditional user-installed Windows-based software such as Microsoft Office. These features make a Chromebook easy to manage and troubleshoot and they are not susceptible to viruses.

The cost to replace a chromebook that is lost or damaged beyond repair is approximately $425.00. Parents will be provided with the opportunity to purchase a LOW COST protection premium ($30 per year) that covers damages up to the cost of the chromebook. This protection may only be used ONE time for replacement parts or repairs. The premium will not cover costs for abuse or intentional damage.

Chromebooks are very tightly integrated with Google Apps for Education and each student must use their school issued account to access their Chromebook.  All stored work will be accessible from home, school, and anywhere there is an Internet connection. Some applications are available offline and will then sync with a student's account when they return to school or have access to an Internet connection.

All Chromebooks will utilize filtering software managed by LCSD both at school and at home. 

If you purchase a book bag (backpack) for the year, we recommend selecting a bag that has a padded compartment for a laptop. This will help protect your new chromebook laptop from damage. Student will also need to bring a set of earbuds or headphones for use with their chromebooks at school.

                                                                                Bag with laptop storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a student have to take the chromebook? Yes. The chromebook is an essential part of  the new curriculum and will be used by students to complete classwork and home assignments. If a student does not bring their chromebook to class, they will still be held responsible for class activities (classwork, quizzes, tests, etc.) that require the use of the chromebook. There will not be any extra chromebooks in the classrooms.

When will chromebooks be issued? Currently, we hope to issue chromebooks to students the first couple of weeks after school starts.

Will the $30.00 protection policy cover all damages all year? No. The protection can only be used for ONE incident. This may be for replacement of the entire device if damaged beyond repair or as small as replacing a lost power cord. The decision whether to use the policy for a particular incident will be made by the parent or guardian.

Can I purchase the protection policy later? Yes. The policy can be purchased later but it will not be prorated and the chromebook must be inspected for any damages before the protection can be purchased. If the chromebook is already damaged, NO PROTECTION CAN BE PURCHASED.

Who is responsible for repairs to the chromebook? Repairs will be completed by the district IT department unless the repairs require returning the device to Lenovo. If the device requires extensive repairs, a replacement "loaner" device may be available.

If the protection policy is not used this year is there a refund for the fee? No. Like most insurance policies the protection policy fee is NOT refundable.

Can a student use their own device at school instead of using the school chromebook? No. Only LCSD devices may be used at school and allowed to connect to the school wifi.

Why We Are Going 1 to 1

    • Learning takes place in the classroom; students do not have to relocate to a computer lab whose setup is often less than ideal for collaborative work.
    • Learning takes place anytime, anywhere.  Students can work online or offline wherever they are, with or without Internet access.
    • Communication becomes much easier.  All students can communicate with their peers and with teachers via email or other applications.
    • Collaboration through shared documents with real-time multi-user editing builds skills for college and/or the workplace.
    • Students take their documents and other materials with them in their district Google Apps account.
    • Students can leverage the growing amount of online-only content and assessments that teachers are using to deliver instruction.  National Assessment tests (MAP, End of Course) can also be taken on the Chromebook in the classroom.

By providing every student with a personal learning device, we are able to ensure that all students have equal access to technology and the opportunity to:

    • Access current digital curriculum and resources
    • Analyze data and draw conclusions
    • Develop digital media expressing their ideas, knowledge, and points of view
    • Use digital tools for organization (calendar, tasks, etc)
    • Communicate and collaborate with teachers and peers beyond an individual classroom
    • And more – the potential is limited only by our students’ and teachers’ imaginations!

Through one-to-one computing, teachers:

    • Have technology always available.
    • Have easier communication with students, directly through student email, Hapara, Schoology, class discussions, or through email targeted to an entire grade level of students.
    • Have online grading with immediate student (and parent) feedback.
    • Reduce paper and printing.  Paper becomes less important and leads to reduced costs for printers and copiers. 

Click Here to Open the Video: What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook Resources for Students


Acceptable Use Regulations

Parent Agreement

Student Agreement

Protection Premium

LHS Student Chromebook Handbook